Albatross-class strategic command ship

Albatross-class strategic/tactical command ship specs

Class: Tactical command ship

Length: 6003 feet

Crew: Several thousand birds (many species)


  • 4 primary thrusters
  • 2 secondary thrusters
  • 6 maneuvering thrusters

Speed: 67 MGLT
Hyperdrive: Class 0.8

Armor: 15 in Atomically Layered Diamond-Silicon plating
Shielding: Rated 7100 SBD
Hull: Rated 3500 RU


  • 18 Capital ship-scale HPTT's (Damage output equivalent of 90 normal turbolasers)
  • 20 Heavy composite-beam lasers
  • 40 Assault concussion missile tubes
    • 50 missiles/tube
  • 16 AME torpedo tubes

Other systems:

  • Long-range communications array
  • Fleet Command Interactive Holographic Display


  • 40 Interceptor Sparrowhawks
  • 28 Goshawks


  • Tactical Command ship
  • Battleship
  • Combat: Long-range support

A more recent addition to the GAU fleet, the Albatross-class command ship fills the much-needed niche of a ship able to strategically direct fleet actions, but still fare well in combat.


The Albatross-class's hull shape in general resembles the bird it was named from: a wide tail at one end and a head with a beak-like protrusion at the other. The bridge is located where the eyes of the birds would be. However, the ship also has four wings. The front pair points at a downward angle, while the back pair slants upward. The class's 40 missile tubes are fitted to the wings in a horizontal pattern, so it is not easy to target the launchers. The wings provide the missile tubes with a wider field of fire than normal, allowing the ship to attack more targets more easily. A large comm arrray poking up between the two rear wings is easily visible. The ship's small hangar is located in the gap between the two pairs of wings, with sliding doors like on the Pelicanus-class carrier.

On the bridge of an Albatross-class ship is perhaps its most vital component: a 3-D holographic projection table that allows a fleet commander to easily direct the actions of and communicate with the ships under his/her leadership.


Althought not meant to be in the thick of combat, the vessel sports a considerable weapons package. For its primary combat role of sitting in the rear lines and offering combat support, it wields 20 heavy composite-beam lasers with a very good range, and 76 assault concussion missile tubes. The wing-mounted tubes, when fired simultaneously, produce an X-like formation that has come to be feared by many. The composite-beam lasers are also quite powerful, able to burn through most armor when focused.

For close-range, ship-to-ship combat, the class relies heavily on its 18 capital-scale HPTT's. These turrets are so advanced now that their total output is equivalent to almost 100 turbolasers. The vessel can easily take down frigates and cruisers smaller than itself, and can fight similar-sized ships to a decent extent. For example, Ackbar's flag vessel, the Apteryx, an Albatross-class ship, was able to destroy a Scrin capital ship just a little smaller than itself, and held out for a long time against two others. Unfortunately, the Apteryx suffered heavy damage in the process, though it was saved from destruction by the Scrin's retreat.

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