Ark-class lander

Ark Class specs

Class: Landing craft

Length: 500 ft
Width: 1213.911+ ft
Height: 100 ft

Crew: Minimum: 10 Bridge Crew, 30 Engineers, 5 Medics

Engines: Conventional Republic engines

Speed: 150 knots

Armour: Conventional alloy

Shielding: Conventional Republic Shielding (estimated 1900 SBD)


  • 15 VTOL Hornet support gunships
  • 2 pelican dropships
  • 10 class five scorpion class tanks
  • 10 standard warthogs
  • 5 gauss warthogs
  • 10 mongoose UALTV's
  • 2 scout warthogs

Cost: TBC
Affiliation: Republic

  • Landing Craft
  • Ground Support

General Information:

The primary landing ship of the new republic the Ark-class lander has an undistributed reputation with its track record of only three conflicts,the Ark-class has a large dome on the top of the ship to launch air support for troubled ground units and a simple bridge above and ahead of the large cargo bay.

Capacity Information:

The Ark class is favoured for its performance despite its size, and capability to deploy large amounts of ground-based units quickly and effectively.

It is capable of deploying:

  • Infantry
  • Dropships
  • Gunships
  • Tanks
  • Atmospheric Fighters
  • Atmospheric scout aircraft

Speed and size

The Ark-class lander can move at a surprising speed for its size and mass at 150 knots.While it moves and maneuvers an imperial fighter carrier, it stands at roughly the size of a trade federation lander and is just a little wider.

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