B7 Sparrowhawk Fighter (Capital Assault Type)

B7 Sparrowhawk Fighter (Capital Assault) Specs

Class: Capital Ship Bomber

Length (average): 12 feet
Wingspan (average): 4 feet
Height (average): 5 feet

Crew: 1 bird (any size)
Engines: 3 Tail Feather-class high-power ion engines
Speed: 1,400 kph
Hyperdrive: Class 0.75

Armor: 1 cm Diamond-Silicon plating
Shields: rated 175 SBD
Hull: rated 60 RU


  • 2 heavy laser cannons
  • 2 swiveled laser cannons
  • 2 swiveled AM Energy torpedo launchers
    • 2 tubes/launcher
      • 5 torpedoes/tube
  • 1 swiveled heavy proton torpedo launcher
    • 2 tubes/launcher
      • 4 torpedoes/tube


  • Bomber
  • Assault fighter
  • Planetary attack craft

The B7 Sparrowhawk-class Multi-Role Starfighter is AdmiralAckbar's primary fighter. This type is used for attacking enemy capital ships.

Thanks to its 3 modular warhead launchers, the fighter is extremely versatile, and in this case, it is tasked with making attacks on capital ships and supporting allied cruisers.


Its cluster missile launchers have been removed, and replaced with 2 AM energy torpedo launchers and a heavy proton torpedo launcher. The absence of its missiles makes the Capital Assault Sparrowhawk significantly less effective against other fighters. However, it still retains its 4 laser cannons, and can defend itself for a short while when attacked. They also keep their very fast Class 0.75 hyperdrive, allowing them to operate independently from a carrier.

Utilizing its heavy ordinace, in squadrons the Capital Assault Sparrowhawk can deliver heavy damage to large ships in minutes. Its AM energy torpedoes have the capacity to damage both shields and hull, while the heavy proton torpedoes add to the powerful warhead barrage.

General Tactics

When attacking big ships, Capital Assault Sparrowhawks tend to use coordinated attacks on vulnerable hardpoints, such as engines, shield generators, exposed reactors. They usually fly in V-shaped squadrons to deliver their warheads, one squadron after another, on their target. Once the target is destroyed, they move onto the next.

Using this standard tactic, 3 squadrons of Capital Assault Sparrowhawks can destroy a capital ship in minutes, if they manage to hit it hard enough. However, this requires extremely precise surgical strikes, and have to be done in the correct order to guarantee destruction. A favorite tactic of the avian pilots is to fire a spearhead-shaped salvo of AM energy torpedoes at the engines of large ships. The reaction between the torpedoe's ions and the ions coming out of the engines has devastatingly explosive results.

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