Bridgeway class boarding ship

Bridgeway specs

Class: Military boarding shuttle

Length: 250 ft
Width: 100 ft
Height: 25 ft

Crew: 2: 1 Pilot, 1 Co-Pilot

Complement: Up to 20 soldiers


  • 2 Republic advanced manoeuvring thrusters
  • 1 Standard Naquadriah engine

Speed: 652.45 Mph (1050 km/h)
Armour: Sensor absorbing stealth armour
Shielding: Approx 230 SBD
Armament: None known

Cost: TBC
Affiliation: Republic

  • Boarding ship
  • Spy ship

The Bridgeway class boarding shuttle is the smallest boarding shuttle of the New Republic.

General Properties:

The Bridgeway class is undetectable by only the most advanced sensors and virtually invisible when in space, daubed in a black paintwork and dotted with florescent silver dots this shuttle is the perfect boarder. It has special electromagnetic buffers attached to its underside which allow for almost completely silent attachment to a ship's hull, as well as suppressed plasma cutters for a quick and stealthy entrance for its marines.


Holds twenty soldiers (additional to crew members).


The Bridgeway is small, quick and beautifully maneuverable, renowned for being as quick and almost as maneuverable as an Incom T65 X-wing Starfighter, despite being many times its size.

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