Mark III

TIE/In Mark III Specs

Class: Starfighter

Length: 31.5 ft

Crew: 1: 1 Pilot
Engines: 2 Ion Engines
Speed: 130 MGLT/s
Armour: Lightweight titanium alloy (approximately 20 RU)
Shielding: Micro-generator (approx 25 SBD)

  • Light laser cannons (4)
  • Light ion cannons (2)
  • 2 Guided rocket launchers

Cost: TBC
Affiliation: Coalition

  • Interceptor
  • Space Superiority fighter
The TIE/In Interceptor Mark III is a direct but upgraded model of the original Imperial TIE/In Interceptor, employed by Daala of the Coalition, who has upgraded it in order to combat newer threats without having to invest heavily in research

TIE/In Mark III General Attributes:

The Mark III has been upgraded to bring it to a level in which it is at least a small threat to an enemy; the engines have been upgraded for even greater manoeuvrability and speed than the original possessed, and the armament has been augmented greatly in addition. The newly added rocket launchers and ion cannons augment the plain lasers in gaining supremacy and fighting lightly shielded targets.

It still, however, suffers from the problems of its predecessor; it must rely on the speed of the craft and the reflexes of the pilot to avoid enemy fire; for its shielding and armour are both very light, making it susceptible to even the lightest enemy fire.

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