Command Chair

The Ancient Control Chair is a device for controlling various systems within a ship, normally Ancient. However, the Republic Of Free Systems reverse engineered the technology. It is mainly incorporated in new, larger vessels due to its high production cost.

The Control Chair, like much Ancient technology, works on a neural interface system and requires the Ancient Technology Activation gene to function. Many control chairs have been encountered in the Milky Way Sector – Proclarush Taonas and inside the Ancient outpost in Antarctica on Earth being two. In the Pegasus Sector, chairs are located in the tower of Atlantis and its sister cities, as well as other outposts.

While the primary use for the Control Chair is accessing Drone Weapons, it has ability to control secondary systems, such as holographic projectors, power systems, piloting the ship and controlling automated turrets. The Chair is normally powered by a Zero Point Module, although the Republic has been successful in powering the device with a Mark II Naqahdah reactor in "controlled overload", which provides just enough energy to activate the chair although the reactor's power can only activate the chair about three times before permanent power depletion.

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