Correlian Firebird

Correlain Firebird load-out specs

Class: Battlecruiser-Multipurpose
Length: 1,700 meters
Width: 1,300 Metres
Height: 400 Metres


  • Officers (1,000)
  • Infantry (10,000)
  • Enlisted (30,000)
  • Gunners (2,000)


  • Corellian Engineering Corporation Class 2B Engines

(Hyperdrive rating: New Class 2)
Speed: 5,000 mph (sublight)

Armour: 400,000 RU
Shielding: 10,000,000 SBD


  • MASPHEAP Cannon Mk 2's (2)
  • Quad railgun batteries (360)
  • Enhanced Heavy Particle Cannons (180)
  • SPHEAPPS Torpedo tubes (16)
  • Drone-tubes (16)
  • Plasma Cannon Mk 2's (4)
  • Rocket batteries (512)
  • MACs (32)
  • Automated Point Defence Blasters (512)

Cost: TBC

Affiliation: Republic

Fast-Responce Ship
Ship Of The Line
Command Vessel

At the peak of the Solar Empire-Republic war, the Republic found itself in need of a fast responce ship, capable of taking severe punishment and had the firepower to compete with the more heavily armed and armoured Solar Ships. Out of this necessity, the Correlian Firebird was born. Considered the greatest naval success story since the Imperial Star Destroyer, it has been the muscle of the Republic Navy for far longer than anyone expected and is still a match for newer classes of ship's to emerge from the galaxies shipyards.

Ship Information

Hull design
The Correlain Firebird, like most ships designed by s-t-n, revolves around a Y-Shape. However, the side pods have been shifted forward to allow them to host 2 Mk2 MASPHEAP Cannons. It has a single large hangar on the underside with 4 entrances/exits, allowing smoother take-offs and landings, as well as allowing them to launch in the direction of their targets.

The Correlian Firebird has 2 primary drive systems located at the tips of the Y-Shape, allowing for hyperspace travel. Also, a slipspace generator has been installed incase of emergency. In case all else fails, a backup programme has been installed to recalibrate the Phase-Shifter to allow instantaneous transport anywhere. However, this is highly discouraged as tests have shown it has a detrimental effect on the crews health.

One of the reasons for the Correlian Firebirds success was its power source. It was the first republic ship to utilise ancient's technology for primary functions. It has a single ZPM, which is primarily used to power the shields. It also has 4 Mk 8 Naquadah Generators to power all other systems. Finally, a single Naquadriah generator incase of massive power failure, which can generate more than enough power to keep the ship running, and make a jump to hyperspace.

2 MASPHEAP Cannon Mk 2's situated in the Port and Starboard engine-pods, 16 SPHEAPPS Torpedo tubes along the sides and front, 16 Drone-tubes along the sides, 4 Plasma Cannon Mk 2's on the sides, 512 Rocket batteries throughout the ships hull and 32 MAC's slung underneath.

360 quad railgun batteries and 180 enhanced heavy particle cannons scattered throughout the ship, designed to take out anything from starfighters to boarding craft. Also, 512 automated Point defence blasters which are designed to render Mass-Drivers useless as well as conventional missiles and anti-matter warheads

The shields on a Firebird are powered by a ZPM, making them extremely powerful . They are also in 2 layers, designed to stop weapons such as Neutrinos from getting through. If all power were diverted to the shields, a Firebird could withstand the power of a super-nova being exerted on its shields for approximatly one hour.

The complement varies per Firebird, but it has storage capacity for approximatly 64 Mid-Size Fighters or 32 Transports. although in some 256 fighters have been squeezed in for special missions.

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