Energy Reflex System

"Remember when your older brother used to tell you, 'If you hit me, I'll hit you back twice as hard!'?"
-Research Leader Sapiano (Reflecting on the ERS)

A powerful feature of the Energy Absorption System is the Energy Reflex System. This system takes kinetic energy generated by enemy weapons fire and uses it to generate power for the ships other systems. By taking the excess energy from the coolants this system both helps to dampen enemy weapons damage as well as provide the ship with advantages when they are needed most. Nearly all classes of weapons generate huge amounts of kinetic energy on impact. This system absorbs that energy and provides it to the weapons system.

The system primarily works by using the coolant molecules from the nanotubule mesh armour and passing them through a generation system. When the hull is heated by enemy fire, the coolant powers the generator, removing the kinetic energy from the coolant and hence the hull. This energy is then used to charge vacuum dielectric capacitors, keeping the main power system safe from power surges. Several capacitors are then alternated (while one charges the other discharges) providing constant, safe power to the ships main power network. This insures efficient and safe re-use of energy and provides the ship with huge amounts of additional power.

This system helps to rapidly curb the buildup of kinetic energy as it is ejected through the weapons system. This allows ships to dispense this excess energy in useful ways instead of just radiating it to the environment. The ERS system also takes additional heat energy from the various liquid cooling systems managing the weapons, reactors and other ship components. Tied in with the ETS Passive cloaking system, it can also gather energy from excess EM fields generated by internal electronics. This means that the energy of all components of the ship is not put to waist, but used to save fuel and provide increased battle capabilities.

The ERS system provides the ship with the ability to throw back what is shot at it. It allows small ships to face far larger ones by using the weapons fire used against it to rapidly recharge and fire its own heavy weapons. Close range ships and fighters can gain immensely from this technology, as the heavy fire that they take provides them with huge amounts of power for their own offensive operations. It also allows ships to save significant amounts of fuel, increasing their ability to fight for extended periods. It provides ships with power when it is needed most - under situations of heavy attack.

Even if an equipped ship is going to be destroyed, it can use the MPX relay system to pass much of the energy used against it to other ships in the fleet. This allows other ships to then either protect it or use that power to destroy other targets. This makes any ERS/MPX equipped fleet capable of doing a lot of damage, even if it is heavily outmatched.

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