Coalition of Free Planets Market

GAU Sales

Welcome to the GAU market. Here you can buy vehicles, technology, and other GAU merchandise.

Whoever buys something off this market is taking the lives of my birds into their hands. These vessels can only be operated by birds.

Trusted List (30% Discount):
All Coalition members with named rank
Zack Fair
M Doyle

Special of the Week

Sea Eagle-class cruiser
The first GAU warship even designed, this enduring class has seen years of action. It boasts nearly a whole fleet's worth of sheer brute firepower, iron-hard defenses, a swift Class 0.75 Hyperdrive, and a hangar that can accomodate 84 fighter-sized craft. Its only drawback is its slow sublight speed.
Price: 15,000,0000 Golden Feathers
(Limited Time Offer!)

Level 1 Clearance

B7 Sparrowhawk-class Multi-Role Starfighter
The Sparrowhawk is a versatile starfighter that can be outfitted in many ways thanks to its 3 modular ordinance pods. It is also armed with 4 laser cannons, and comes equipped with deflector shields and a class 1 hyperdrive.
Price: 245,000 Golden Feathers (Squadron of 7)

Guillemot-class light warship
This vessel is an old workhouse combat ship, but now mainly supports a fleet at range with many powerful long-range weapons. It performs poorly in heated, close-range firefights, being only lightly armed for that purpose.
Price: 1,600,000 Golden Feathers

Bufflehead-class light transport
Buffleheads are swift, sport good defenses, and have large cargoholds. They are not armed, and so rely on their speed and strong shields to get through blockades. The transports can land and take-off very swiftly, making them ideal for operations where time is of the essence.
Capacity: 400 Humanoids/80 Light Vehicles/60 Heavy Vehicles
Hyperdrive: Class 0.75
Price: 610,000 Golden Feathers

Level 2 Clearance (75 Items Bought)

Kestrelwing-class medium destroyer
These ships are small but quick, and they hit hard. They are excellent for attacks on unsuspecting enemies, and have many heavy weapons that swiftly deal fatal damage to large ships. However, they are only lightly armored and shielded.
Price: 4,600,000 Golden Feathers

Trumpeter Swan-class frigate
This little monster bristles with top of the line HPTT's, and can tear other frigates to shreds in seconds. It also is equipped with several AME torpedo tubes.
Price: 2,430,000 Golden Feathers

Goshawk-class starbomber
Burlier than the Sparrowhawk, the Goshawk has little in the way of anti-fighter weapons but carries many bombs, missiles, torpedoes, and other ordinance for attacking capital ships.
Price: 380,000 Golden Feathers (Squadron of 4)

Level 3 Clearance (150 Items Bought)

Raven's Wing-class missile cruiser
This ship is armed with multiple torpedo and missile launchers, as well as many composite-beam weapons, for incredibly powerful attacks at range. It is one of the ultimate long-range attack ships.
Price: 4,700,000 Golden Feathers

Swallowflight-class medium cruiser
A new addition to the GAU fleet, the Swallowflight is a generic combat ship with appropriate firepower for its size. It sports cutting edge GAU weapons, including HPTT's, composite-beam lasers, and AME torpedoes. It also has a decent fighter complement.
Price: 4,580,000 Golden Feathers

Rhea-class AF corvette
A vessel specifically designed for anti-fighter duty, the Rhea is fast and wields many fast-tracking, rapid-fire autoblasters that allow it to swiftly clear clouds of fighters. It has no ship-to-ship combat capability whatsoever.
Price: 800,000 Golden Feathers

Level 4 Clearance (250 Items Bought)

Pelicanus-class assault carrier
This ship's fighter carrying capacity exceeds that of the Venator. Its weapons systems are somewhat lacking, though it can fight if attacked.
Price: 9,000,000 Golden Feathers

Nighthawk-class sleuth ship
This small vessel is equipped with enhanced propulsion systems, cloaking devices, and a covert hyperdrive that minimizes its signature on scanners. It also has surveying equippment for recon of enemy positions.
Price: 7,300,000 Golden Feathers

Gyrfalcon-class capital ship
Another new design, the Gyrfalcon is smaller than the infamous Sea Eagle-class cruiser, but considered to be more advanced. It is armed with many top-of-the-line weapons, and strong defenses. It carries a small fighter complement.
Price: 12,510,000 Golden Feathers

Level 5 Clearance (500 Items Bought)

Albatross-class command ship
The Albatross is not designed for combat-though it is more than capable of fighting-but instead to direct the tactical actions of a fleet. It has an easy-to-use holo-command display that allows a captain to lead his battlegroup without much trouble.
Price: 13,000,000 Golden Feathers

Sea Eagle-class cruiser
The first ever GAU ship designed. It has seen years and years of action, and despite the fact that new classes have been created, many GAU captains still prefer this mighty capital ship to all others. Behind it is a success story rivaling that of the Correllian Firebird. It boasts nearly a fleet's worth of sheer brute firepower, extremely hardened defenses, decent fighter complement, and a powerful Class 0.75 Hyperdrive. It is an enduring symbol of GAU naval might, and to some it is symbol of the GAU itself.
Price: 20,000,000 Golden Feathers

Harpy Eagle-class Star Dreadnought
At 14 kilometers long, the Harpy Eagle is the most massive GAU ship ever created. It was conceived for massive battles, to act as a massive gun platform and damage shield, as well as having the fighter capacity of many carriers. It wields hundreds of HPTT's, as well as many traditional GAU weapons, and several thousand fighters.
Price: 120,000,000 Golden Feathers

Daala's Sales

meer'souns class cx405 sniper rifle
a high powered sniper rifle that fires a blaster charged .45 calibur railround as a red hot projectile, this round gathers heat from frition with the air and upon impact becomes hot enough to melt into a liquid tripiling the power of the shot and alowing it to pass through solit objest like a hot knife through butter. it works great as an anti armor weapon
round length- 6 inches
length 3.1 feet
wegth 14 lbs loaded 10lbs unloaded
effective range-600 meters
scope-meer'souns mark XII 25x variable scope
ammunition-45.blastercharged railround
velocity-4300 feet per second
magazine-9 rounds
charge-9 shots
round penetration-11.2 inches in durasteel-16.6 in concrete
pro's. deep penetrator. heavy dmg. long range. fast rate of travel
cons. heavy charge cost. heavy. extremely high recoil.

price for a crate of 5 20,000 credits or 1 fighter wing

available extras adaptive camouflage makes the entire gun bled in with surroundings even when moving price-3000 credits or 1 fighter

Tie-interceptor mkIII
a fast and very manuverable craft armed with 4 blasters, 2 ion cannons and 2 concussion rocket pods a fantastic anti-aircraft tool lightly armoed with basic sheilds
crew-1 pilet
armour rating 2/10
sheild rating 2/10

price for 1 6,000 credits or another fighter of equal value for a flight of 5 25,000 credits or equal trade.

clearance lvl 2
final flame torpedo

a slow moving anti ship projectile that sprayes a flamable liquid inside of the intended target, flames hot enough to melt protosteel
best used with 6-10 torpedo's can melt any ship down in a matter of seconds

price for 1 14,000 credits or equivilent pack of 10 125,000 credits or equivilent

final flame bomb

a slow moving anti ship/ anti troop bomb that sprays a flamable liquid over the intended target, flames hot enough to melt protosteel
best used with 5 bombs can melt any ship down in a matter of seconds

price for 1 15,000 credits or equivilent pack of 10 140,000 credits or equivilent

tarkin class battle factory
a factory ship made with experimental ceramic armour that hold well agenst energy based wepons but not projectile based wepons, weak sheilds and weak armour this ship uses duel tractor beams to pull in metalic space debirs and smelts and refines them into tie/d fighters.

price for 1 120,000 credits

Clearance lvl 3

tarkin mkII class battle factory

a factory ship that uses a titanium alloy weak sheilds and weak armour this ship uses duel tractor beams to pull in metalic space debirs and smelts and refines them into buzz droids mk II and ingots of specified material.

price for 1 600,000 credits

static cannon

a powerfull cannon that utilisez electricity to pump a entire ship with 1,000,000+ volts of electricity usualy able to kill or incapacitate any biological or sentiant being
long recharge time

price for 1 500,000 credits
price for 10 4,000,000 credits

Flower's Sales


Belachi-class Fighter

Simple fighter, answer to the TIE. 2 Proton Cannons and a single warhead of your choice. Can be refitted easily. Comes in squad of 5.

Squad-600,000 'Pedes Blueprints-1,200,000

Zappa-class Parry Fighter

Interceptor. Armed with 2 Rapid-Fire Pulse Lasers and Cluster Missles. Comes in pairs.

Squad-800,000 'Pedes Blueprints-1,600,00 'Pedes

AMX-Wing Heavy Fighter

Essentially X-Wing with no lasers, but Anti-Matter scrounged from my stint in the Solar Empire. Squad of 3 per.

Squad-1,000,000 Pedes. (No blueprints availible; lost a long time ago. Built from prototype located.)

Hyneman-class Corvette

Standard corvette, stronger than most. Armed with Point-Defense Lasers and 5 dozen Rapid-Fire Laser batteries per side.

Single Corvette-2,000,000 Pedes. Dual Corvettes-SALE!!! 2,600,000 'Pedes. Blueprints-5,000,000 'Pedes

Meerkat Squad

A company of 5 meerkats for ground combat.

Squad-250 'Pedes

the P90

50 rounds per clip, comes with 2 clips provisional per gun.

Case of 20: 5000 'Pedes
Clip Case (100 clips): 2000 'Pedes
Schematics for both gun and clips: 20000 'Pedes


Scorpion-class Heavy Fighter

Short, round fighter armed with 2 tri-linked rapid fire laser cannons. Can match the fire solutions of Longswords with ease. Also armed 2 Homing Warheads with "Scorpion Venom," a secret solution that acts like a corrosive agent. 3 to a wing.

1 Wing-1,500,000 'Pedes Blueprints (excluding "Scorpion Venom" warheads; too volatile to let anyone produce)-5,000,000 'Pedes

Whisker-class Star Destroyers

Basic ISDs with gold-ish brown paint scheme to simulate desert sands. Armed with a compliment of Belachi-class Fighters and Zappa-class Parry Fighters. Armed with 100 Laser Batteries and a few mines.

1 SD-5,000,000 'Pedes Blueprints-10,000,000 'Pedes

DX-20.5 Minelayer

Leftover from a Solar Empire design I made. 2 Anti-Matter Cannons and a compliment of 400 mines stored in two bins.

1 Minelayer-7,000,000 'Pedes Blueprints-15,000,000 'Pedes

Rigby-class Frigate

Simple craft armed with 5 missile launchers and 20 Laser-Gatling Guns. Can tear through fighters with ease.

2 Frigates-2,000,000 'Pedes Blueprints-8,000,000 'Pedes

Rowe-class Fighter/Bomber

A double role fighter. Has a compliment of 20 warhead bombs that can be easily refitted for purposes and a pair of Rapid-Fire Pulse Lasers. Also has mounted Ion Cannon to disable ships temporarily. Comes in wings of 2.



Vivian-class Star Destroyer

Star Destroyer armed with a Cutting Laser as its main weapon. Has compliment of 20 Scorpion-class Fighters for defense, since there are no real other point-defense measures for it.

1 SD-6,000,000 'Pedes Blueprints-16,000,000 'Pedes


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