Republic Market

Basic Republic Market

Clearance level 1

Death Gliders (100)
2 X Removable Staff Cannons.
Outdated fighter, without shields or a hyperdrive. Compensates with powerful weapons.

Al'Kash (50)
1 Plasma Bomb Bay. large hold. class 3 cloak (republic scale).
Outdated bomber, but still effective against unshielded targets.

X-301 (50)
2 x Removable Staff Cannons
Upgrade to the death glider. has hyperdrive.

Republic Light Fighter Carrier
Unarmed, Can carry 60 Light Fighters.

Nameless's Wares

I have some things to sell as well.

Level One Clearence

Mobile IC (Ion Cannon) Fighter Squadron
Fighter than can quickly bring a ship's shields down and disable fighters.
Armament: Upgraded NK-3 Ion Cannon
Price: 1 fighter squadron

AT-TE Transport
Transport made from an AT-TE walker. Can carry seventy five troopers or one tank, and only needs 10 crew members. Can be combined with the AT-TE Transport to make a better ship.
Armarment: 7 Dual-laser cannons and one proton torpedo launcher.
Price: 1 fighter squadron.

AT-AT Transport
Transport made from an AT-AT walker. Can carry 125 troops or three tanks. Only require 8 crew members. Can be combined with the AT-TE Transport to make a better ship.
Armarment: Two turbolasers, one ion cannon, two concussion missile launchers.
Price: Two fighter squadrons.

Galador Interdictor
Cruiser used for capturing enemy ships in gravity wells, utilizing 5 advanced Z-29 Gravity Well Generators.
Armament: 10 laser cannons, 10 concussion missile launchers.
Price: 2 Corvettes or 1 Frigate

Level 2 Clearence (5 Items Bought)

AT-ATET Transport (All-Terrain Armored Tactical Enforcer Transport)
Transport made up of a AT-TE and AT-AT transports, combined to make a more efficent transport. Can carry up to the equivilent of seventy five troops and three tanks.
Armarment: Two turbolasers, one ion cannon, 7 Dual-laser cannons, one proton torpedo launcher. (concussion missile launcher removed to make more room)
Price: 2 Fighter Squadrons

Imperial III-class Star Destroyer
Highly Advanced Imperial Star Destroyer, with at least twice the firepower. Contains 12 shield generators.
Armarment: 73 turbolasers and heavy turbolasers, 27 ion cannons, 10 tractor beam arrays.
Price: 1 capital ship, no less accepted.'

Seismic Missile Launcher
Advanced missile launcher that shoots missiles loaded with seismic charges. The blast creates a large 360 degree blast that can easily cripple ships with their shields down.
Price: 150,000 credits for 2 launcher sets, 3 capital ships for the blueprints.

Level Four Clearence (Republic Members Only, 8 Items Bought)

Ultima-class Star Destroyer
The ultimate Star Destroyer, four miles in length. Has the firepower of a small Star Dreadnought.
Armarment: 182 Turbolaser batterys, 54 heavy turbolasers, 73 ion cannons, 56 concussion and proton torpedo launchers. 12 tractor beam arrays placed in hanger bays.
Price: Two capital ships. I would accept a weaponless SSD as well.

Luigi's Wares

Level One Clearence

Gravimetric Engine
An Engine type that utilizes Gravity for sub-light travel. Can easily outmanuever other ships. Safely hidden in the interior of a ship.
Price: 10,000 Credits or Several Frigates

Large feline cats.
Price: 100 Credits.

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