Galador Interdictor

Galador-class Interdictor Specs

Class: Light Cruiser (Interdictor)

Length: 627.4 ft
Width: From tip to tip: 735 ft
Height: 100 ft

Crew: 28 crew minimum

Engines: Ion Engines

Speed: 2,300 g, Class .75 Hyperdrive
Armour: Improved Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Armor

Shielding: TBC

*10 Concussion Missile Launchers
*10 Laser Cannons
*Five Z-29 Gravity Well Generators

Complement: No fighter compliment

Cost: 17.6 million credits
Affiliation: Republic
Roles: Medium Frigate, Interdiction


Designs for this cruiser were captured from Mandalorian shipyards by the Repbublic. It's primary use is to pull enemy ships out of hyperspace, in order to ambush them or to have them quickly boarded, using the element of surprise interdiction for a fast victory against unguarded ships.


Though it is not heavily armed, its anti-fighter lasers and concussion missile pods are good fighter deterrents, although alone it is vulnerable against anything bigger than a corvette.

Its 5 Z-29 gravity well generators are advanced and efficient and are used to great effectiveness pulling targetted ships out of hyperspace as well as the conventional use of preventing retreats to hyperspace.

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