Kestrelwing-class medium destroyer

Kestrelwing-class medium destroyer specs

Class: Destroyer
Length: 1,771 feet

  • 2 primary thrusters
  • 5 maneuvering rockets

Crew: Several thousand birds (many species)

Speed: 93 MGLT
Hyperdrive: Class 1

Armor: 8 cm Atomically Layered Diamond-Silicon plating
Shields: Rated 2450 SBD
Hull: Rated 1180 RU


  • 10 Atomic Manipulation Experimental energy torpedo tubes
  • 40 heavy mass-drivers
  • 3 heavy guided proton torpedo tubes
  • 14 double ion cannons
  • 4 ion-pulse torpedo tubes


  • 5 Interceptor Sparrowhawk squadrons
  • 3 Bomber Sparrowhawk squadrons


  • Destroyer
  • Escort
  • Quick strike

The agile, strong Kestrelwing-class medium destroyer fulfills the role of capital ship destroyer in the Galactic Avian Union.


While only about 550 meters long, the ship packs a hefty punch. It literally bristles with many arrays of heavy weapons, and utilizes a set of powerful engines for a high sublight speed. These two attributes allow a Kestrelwing to quickly catch on enemy capital ship, deal a devastating blow, and retreat before it can retaliate.

In general, the ship has a smooth, rounded shape. It has a pair of long, narrow wings near the stern, with most of the weapons mounted on them to give the ship a broad field of fire. Its "head" tapers down to a rounded point with the bridge low to reduce its tempting target location. Beneath and behind the bridge is a triangular mount for the three heavy proton torpedo tubes. Overall, the Kestrelwing is narrow, presenting a small target.

From the stern projects a long, forked tail that protects the powerful engines underneath it. The tail also contains the ship's hyperdrive and communications array.


As a destroyer, the Kestrelwing is very heavily armed for its size, able to dish out considerable damage in exchange for heavy armor and shields. It is armed with 40 heavy mass-driver cannons,which launch solid projectiles that bypass shields, 14 double ion cannons, 3 heavy guided proton torpedo tubes, 4 ion torpedo tubes, and 10 Atomic Manipulation Experimental (AME) energy torpedo tubes.

Atomic Manipulation Experimental Energy Torpedo Tube
The Atomic Manipulation Experimental (AME) energy torpedo tube is a new weapon, still a work in progress, designed to make already formidable energy torpedoes even more devastating. On the standard energy torpedo, a flawed tube is used to create a weak magnetic field that cannot hold the fusion plasma that makes up the torpedo together for more than a minute. The Kestrelwing-class starship's AME torpedo tube utilizes a system that both guidesw it, focuses it, and overall packs more power into the torpedo. The tube works in stages.

Stage 1

First, in the forming chamber of the tube, highly magnetized atoms of fusion plasma are sent down magnetic funnels into the forming chamber. There, special magnets with their same polarities facing eath other pack the atoms together to minimize mass and increase overall magnetism.

Stage 2

Once the compression of the magnetized atoms is done, ordninary fusion plasma is sent into the forming chamber. With the magentism of the atoms present, the plasma is immediately attracted to the bunch. Using the same magnet technique, the plasma is packed around the magnetism and creates a very strong and tightly-held together energy torpedo.

Stage 3

A single magnetic particle then has its complementary pole changed to the hull of the target starship, and immediately is shot from the tube to head for it. The torpedo follows, and impacts, doing 2 times more damage then a regular energy torpedo.

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