Maverick AF Corvette

Maverick AF load-out specs

Class: Corvette
Length: ? ft
Width: ? ft
Height: ? ft

Crew: 100:

  • 20 General Crew
  • 20 Engineers
  • 60 Gunners


  • Corellian Engineering Corporation DP20 Mk.2 Engines

(Hyperdrive rating: Class 2)
Speed: 700 mph (approx 1200 km/h)

Armour: 400 RU
Shielding: 950 SBD


  • Point Defence Heavy Slug cannons (10)
  • Class 3 Concussion Missile launchers (4)


  • Light Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (1)


  • Type 1 Nuclear Missile tube (1)

Cost: TBC
Affiliation: Republic

  • Anti-Fighter Corvette
  • Light gunship

General Information

The Maverick-class Ant-Fighter load-out is a top of the line Republic corvette designed to withstand heavy assaults from even ships 5 times it size such as a Imperial star destroyer it bears many of the attributes of its older brother the pillar-class corvette but is converted for anti-fighter duty.


The Maverick utilises 10 top of the range point defence guns and 4 class 3 concussion missile launchers.
It's point defence guns otherwise known as slug turrets fire powerful projectiles capable of ripping through the hull of even the strongest fighters of the new republic such as the longsword interceptor, though naturally they are intended for use on enemy vessels, and performs excellently in its anti-starfighter role.

It's concussion missiles are not the latest on the market and are neither pack the most punch or are the quickest but do hold amazingly intelligent targeting systems and are amongst the most manoeuvrable in the Galaxy.

The Maverick can also be fitted with a nuclear missile launcher or a small magnetic accelerator cannon, however despite these design options, it still has little in the way of defence against anything larger than itself, however its armour and shielding can withstand pounding from ships up to 5 times its own size, allowing it extended longevity in battle.


The Maverick-class has powerful engines of the same calibre as the Corellian Engineering Corporation DP20 Gunship. The Maverick is quick and highly maneuverability to counter any fighter or bomber threats.

Special Equipment

The Maverick class has an enhanced electro magnetic pulse emitter capable of temporarily disabling any vessels in the immediate vicinity, regardless of whether they are friend or foe, however it has little to no effect on anything the size of a HMS-class Star Destroyer or bigger.

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