C709 Longsword Mk1 Minelayer Load-out

C709 Longsword Mk1 Specs


Class: Starfighter

Length: 210 ft
Width: 245.9 ft
Height: 42.3 ft

Crew: 2: 1 Pilot, 1 Co-Pilot
Engines: 4, type unknown
Speed: Unknown
Armour: Unknown
Shielding: Unknown

  • 110mm Rotary cannons (2)
  • 120mm Ventrally mounted cannon
  • AF Missiles (4)
  • 36 Small mines

Cost: TBC
Affiliation: Republic

  • Interceptor
  • Space Superiority fighter
The Longsword Mk1 was used for a period of time by the Republic, and in this loadout is an adapted interceptor, outfitted with a small supply of light explosive mines

The standard interceptor was an effective AF platform, capable of good manoeuvrability, acceleration and speed, as well as highly effective AF missiles. The main cannons were extremely effective against small enemy craft, but the default load-out lacked anything which could significantly damage capital ships, though the mines were effective at sealing off areas from fighters and small corvettes.

C709 General Attributes:

Unlike many new experimental fighters it is cheap to produce en masse and relatively effective, providing an affordable mainstay for the Republic's fleets. It is often carried for quick deployment from many types of Republic carriers, and is frequently carried due to its load-out flexibility, being easily adapted for a range of roles.

It is capable of atmospheric flight and combat as well as stellar travel, and can perform in atmospheric dogfights and ground support roles.

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