Pillar-class multi-purpose corvette

A small INE (international nations of earth) corvette recently revealed to the rest of the new republic the Pillar-class.It's main armament is its 6 longrange turbolasers which allow it to take outmaneuver and disable capital ships before they get within weapons range although this can be a waste if the attacking capital ship also has longrange turbolasers.
The Pillar-class corvettes main weaponry are its 6 longrange turbolasers although these are not as far-reaching as the longrange turbolasers of a star destroyer but still provide an important offensive and defensive advantage,the pillar also utilises 3 point defense guns to ward off small groups of fighters or bombers it can be retrofitted with nuclear missiles or a magnetic accelerator cannon
speed and engines
the Pillar class has potential to go at the speed of a skipray blastboat but using its additional engines have been known to cause weaponry systems and shields to overheat and can cause irreparable damage so it is advised to de-activate weapons and gradually reduce power to shields or visa versa

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