Osprey Class Medium Cruiser

Osprey Class Specs


Class: Medium Cruiser

Length: 3000 ft
Width: 1800 ft
Height: 1100 ft

Crew: Minimum of 180 (6 Bridge crew, 124 engineers/gunners, 50 crewmen), maximum crew 1000.

Engines: Standard Pattern Ion Engines (2) Republic Black Projects Model EX 01 (2)

Speed: 250mph sub-light, class 1 hyperdrive

  • Light-weight titanium-durasteel armour


  • Republic Black Projects Model SGX 01 (approx 8,000 SBD)


  • 250 Tri-railgun rotary batteries
  • 35 Magnetic Accelerator Cannons
  • 80 Repeating Medium Particle Cannons
  • 1 Heavy Plasma Cannon
  • 250 AF Rocket tubes (located around hull)


  • 90 Longsword Mk III fighters (3 squadrons)
  • 60 standard-pattern Republic bombers (3 squadrons)

Cost: 8000 credits
Affiliation: Republic

  • Light Battlecruiser
  • Fast-response Cruiser
  • Heavy reconaissance
Named by Admiral Chris in honour of Ackbar, the Osprey is an all-purpose Medium Cruiser, designed to be easily producible but durable, and though its weapons do not compare to that of Republic Destroyers and Battleships, it can take beating and can fill a variety of roles well, and has good anti-fighter capacity for a ship of its size. It excels at being a fast-response ship, its lack of special-role weaponry allows it to mount decent shielding with good hyperdrive.

Ship Information:

Hull Design

The Osprey bears the usual wider rear common to capital ships, but unlike most similar ships has unusual engine fittings. Though most of the primary engines are arrayed at the back, like the standard, two boosting engines are fitted to the side of the ship, underneath the bridge arch; the primary bridge is located on this arch.


The ship bears two Republic standard pattern ion engines to the rear, capable of flying the ship to the normal accepted speed and manoeuvrability, however on each side of the ship there is a Black Projects EX 01 prototype engine, providing superior agility and speed for this cruiser, and providing an excellent hyperspace rating.


Though it lacks the large amounts of heavy weaponry common to ships such as the Firebird, the Osprey carries sufficient weapons to toe the line with other cruisers and effectively combat enemy frigate and gunship threats, whereas its new Black Projects Rotary Tri-Railgun batteries and large number of AF-dedicated rocket tubes give it excellent defence from fighters and bombers, being able to cover large areas in battle taking out fighters and bombers whilst dedicated ships attack the enemy capital ships.


Although the Osprey mounts no dedicated Point Defence systems, its rocket tubes may be adapted for micro-tracking rockets, which may be used as an improvised PDS.

Though its lightweight armour provides good defence against light fighter attack and corvettes, and aids the cruiser's agility, it is limited in its protection from heavy weapons, however the Osprey is extremely well shielded. Though the system has only been tested in battle once, aboard the second ship of its class Indominatable. It mounts a prototype developed by Admiral Chris, the Black Projects SGX 01, providing a good 8000 SBD rated shield bank, but an excellent regeneration time, the weaponry from smaller ships often being unable to reduce the shield banks from their 8000 SBD maximum.


The Osprey is not designed as a carrier, but it carries a maximum of 3 squadrons of Longsword Mk IIIs (90 fighters) and 3 squadrons of standard-pattern Republic bombers (60 bombers), giving it close-fire support and small hangar capabilities, as well as aiding it greatly in its fast-response role, being able to carry small mixed complements to a scene quickly.

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