Pelicanus-class assault carrier

Pelicanus-class assault carrier specs

Class: Battle carrier
Length: 4,035 ft

  • 6 primary thrusters
  • 8 maneuvering thrusters

Crew: Several thousand birds (many species)

Speed: 61 MGLT
Hyperdrive: Class 1

Armor: 3 cm Atomically Layered Diamond-Silicon Plating
Shields: rated 6400 SBD
Hull: Rated 3300 RU


  • 6 HPTT'S (Total output equivalent of 18 normal turbolasers)
  • 36 light Assault concussion missile tubes
    • 12 missiles/tube
  • 2 composite-beam lasers


  • 30 Interceptor Sparrowhawk squadrons
  • 10 Goshawk-class starbomber squadrons
  • 20 other Sparrowhawk variation squadrons

With an enormous hangar that can hold 300 fighters or bombers, the Pelicanus-class assault carrier is a symbol of doom on the space battlefield.


The ship is large at 1230 meters, only a little bit bigger than a Venator. It has a tail-like protursion with all but 2 engines at the back, and the rest of the ship swells into a huge semi-circle configuration that is very similar to a pelican's beak; hence the name. This "beak" is almost all hangar, which allows the carrier to hold its 300 starfighters. At the base of the hangar, a set of 8 armored double doors can open very quickly at any time to release the fighter swarms within. 2 more engines sit upon the hangar's dorsal curve, in the front of the hangar is the bridge.


The Pelicanus sports a carrier's small armament: 6 HPTT's (damage equivalent of 18 normal turbolasers), 36 light concussion missile tubes, and 2 composite-beam lasers. Although it can destroy harassing corvettes and frigates, it cannot compete with anything more than a medium frigate. That is why the carrier stays behind battle lines, so fighters can have a place to retreat to if a battle goes ill.

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