AMX-Wing Specs

Class: Heavy Starfighter

Length: 70 ft.

Width: 90 ft.

Height: 60 ft.

Crew: One Pilot

Engines: Two twin-mounted ion drives

Speed: Unknown (hasn't been flown in a a testing session)

Armour: 10-inch thick durasteel plating

Shielding: Modified Particle Shiel Generator


  • Four Modified Anti-Matter lasers

Cost: TBD in Mod

Affiliation: Flower's forces


  • Dogfighter

The AMX-Wing was a starfighter developed by Flower that, essentially, cobbles together an X-Wing with Solar Empire standard issue Anti-Matter lasers.


After recovering the X-Wing and another ship, the Rocket Dog, he didn't want the X-Wing to be phased out instantaneously. So, he began a research group on ways to update the aging craft.

Put simply, nothing was successful.

The plans were shelved until many months later, when a group of people rediscovered the plans and had made an obvious choice: place Anti-Matter lasers on the tri-foils. After a prototype test, that proved to be the best choice on saving the project, and it began to be mass produced.


The AMX-Wing, as it was called, was used hardly ever in combat situations. It was simply too bulky and hard to control to ever be used effectively, and was eventually phased out by the Rowe-class Hybrid Fighter.

Uses Today

The fighter is mainly used when escorting ships. They have never needed to be used in any defense position.

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