Raven's Wing-class missile boat/long-range ship

Raven's Wing-class missile boat/long-range ship specs

Class: Missile cruiser
Lenght: 2788 feet

  • 2 primary engines
  • 3 secondary engines

Crew: Several thousand birds (many species)

Speed: 75 MGLT
Hyperdrive: Class 1

Armor: 4 cm Atomically Layered Diamond-Silicon plating
Shields: rated 2800 SBD
Hull: Rated 1420 RU


  • 2 HPTT's
  • 12 long-range composite-beam lasers
  • 12 heavy proton torpedo tubes
  • 24 heavy assault concussion missile tubes


  • Long-range attack
  • Missile ship
  • Support

The Raven's Wing-class ship was given to Ackbar by Roach as a parting gift before he died. With many long-range weapons, the ship is the GAU's first dedicated long-range attack vessel.


It is 850 meters long, larger than the Guillemot-class but smaller than the Pelicanus carrier. The Raven's Wing originally came from another region of space known as New Eden, used by a race who called themselves the Caldari. However, the production schematics were given to the GAU as a friendship gift, and the Raven's Wing filled the niche of a dedicated long-range attack ship. It had no need of a hyperdrive in New Eden-interstellar navigation was done by way of special "Hypergates" there-but since its arrival in the GAU navy, a capable Class 1 hyperdrive has been installed on the ship.


All of the Raven's Wing's original weapons have been removed and replaced so it can fit its new role more easily. The ship has only two HPTT's for self-defense if attacked. All the rest of its weapon's package is taken up by 12 long-range composite-beam lasers, 12 heavy proton torpedo tubes, and 36 heavy assault concussion missile tubes. These weapons allow it to inflict devastating damage at range.

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