Important information for editors/moderators/admins/

Please read ALL of this!

It is important that new pages are created properly.

Firstly, before anything else: No slang, instant-messenger/text style-writing - PROPER SPELLING, PUNCTUATION AND GRAMMAR PLEASE! If you don't know how to one of these just ask me and I'll help, seriously.

I have used the shell of an organisation structure that was used for the Republic as the ship menu for each faction, however of course just copying the code means it links to the Republic. THIS HAS BEEN AMENDED FOR UNITED COLONIES AND POF'S SHIPS SO FAR, NOT FOR COALITION SHIPS.

When creating the disambiguation pages for each ship class (check Republic>Superiority Fighters>Longsword Mk1, and Republic>Assault fighters> and then all variants of the longsword mk1 in there.

By looking at these, you should be able to get an idea of how the pages should split up, though until I get around to making a syntax guide if you post all the details neatly I'll come round and make nice side bars for specs etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are writing for the United Colonies, all new pages should have the prefix uncol: (ie. for an ISD you might call it uncol:imperator), for the coalition (when I have the links working) col:, etc. The Republic was the first I added so it doesn't have a prefix, though I might amend that in the future, but if the others don't use prefixes you could get hyperlinks to Republic pages if the page name is the same.

For creating hyperlinks use the page link wizard, not URL, if you don't know the exact page name (NOT page title) it will search for what you put in very quickly and will show you probably what you're looking for. It will also create the text for the links if you don't wish it just to display a page name for the link.

If you have any questions please refer them to me (LT CC), I know the syntax, so probably am best for advice relating to the wiki at this moment in timeā€¦

Lt Commander Chris

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