Sea Eagle-class cruiser

Sea Eagle-class cruiser specs


  • Capital ship
  • Cruiser
  • Battleship

Length: 8,530 ft

  • 2 Primary thrusters
  • 6 Maneuvering engines

Crew: Several thousand birds (many species)

Speed: 48 MGLT
Hyperdrive: Class 0.75

Armor: 2 ft Diamond-silicon plating
Shields: Rated 8500 SBD
Hull: rated 7300 RU


  • 1 Hyper-power tri-experimental turbolaser
    • For more recent Sea Eagles, the HPTT has been upgraded to more proportional power.
  • 6 Heavy double turbolasers
  • 3 Heavy single turbolasers
  • 16 Quad ion cannons
  • 72 Double turbolasers
  • 6 Heavy guided proton torpedo tubes
    • 50 torpedoes/tube
  • 20 Point-defense laser cannons
  • 10 Guided plasma torpedo tubes
    • 40 torpedoes/tube


  • Battleship
  • Carrier (small fighters)
  • Command ship

Compliment: 84 Sparrowhawk fighters (average size, any variant)

The massive, powerful Sea Eagle-class cruiser is Admiral Ackbar's primary battleship.

An enduring class that has seen action since the first days of the GAU, the Sea Eagle is not the newest capital ship anymore, but is still an integral part of the GAU Navy. With monstrous amounts of sheer brute firepower and iron-hard defenses, even the newest vessels regret ever standing up to it.

More than a mile long, this huge capital ship wields incredible firepower that can blast smaller ships into slag. It also is more than capable of taking on ships its own size.


The vessel is roughly shaped like an upside-down trapezoid. At the front "corner" of the trapezoid is a rectangular protrusion with two double turbolasers on either side. Just below this protrusion is the bridge, which provides an expansive view of space. The bridge is fitted with scanners, screens, instruments, and interfaces that all project data in the ultraviolet spectrum; which only birds can see. This results in a warship that is impossible to command by other beings. However, it also serves to dramatically increase the cruiser's efficiency and power when being operated by birds.

Near the cruiser's stern, 2 large struts project from the hull and end in large trapezoidal weapons pods. These weapons pods provide the ship with a wider field of fire than would be, given its narrow profile. The struts supporting the pods have another service: maneuvering jets on mounted on them 3 to a strut. The struts thus have the ability to rotate for pitch control. Between the weapons pods is sheltered a ventral hangar, protected by point-defense lasers. A cruiser typically carries 84 Sparrowhawk fighters of any size or variety.


The Sea Eagle is very heavily armed. Its primary weapons are 72 capital-grade double turbolasers, complimented by an enormous tri-experimental rotating turbolaser. The tri-experimental cannon is a gigantic prototype for the Hyper-Power Triple Turbolaser project, which is aimed at creating a compact yet extremely powerful triple turbolaser. At the latter objective, the experiment has succeeded: The tri-experimental cannon is a huge threat in a combat, able to wreak havoc on enemy shields and even more deadly when targeting unshielded vessels. A single salvo of 3 shots can melt almost completely through a corvette with its shields down.

However, at the first objective, the cannon is nowhere near competent. It is terribly large, demanding advances in turbolaser technology to be downsized at all. Also, to fire its devastating shots, the weapon requires huge amounts of power. This prerequisite is met with a monstrous reactor deep within the core of the cruiser, shielded from all but the hardest enemy assaults.

In recent years, the turret has been upgraded accordingly as HPTT technology advanced. It is now almost ridiculously powerful.

Besides these weapons, the cruiser also wields 6 heavy double turbolasers, similar to the ones on the Old Republic Venator, for prolonged naval combat. 10 guided plasma torpedo tubes line either side of its bow, and can combine fire with 6 heavy guided proton torpedo tubes on the front edges of the weapons pods to create a devastating attack.

Unfortunately, so many weapons and their power requirements are detrimental to the ship's speed. To achieve even competent sublight speeds, it needs 2 massive main thrusters which occupy most of the stern. Even with these large engines, the Sea Eagle is only about 50% as fast as an Invincible-class dreadnaught heavy cruiser of the same size. However, its amazing weapons can easily destroy most enemies before they can escape. Its very fast Class 0.75 hyperdrive also balances its sluggishness.

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