StarViper Mark II

StarViper Mark II Specs


Class: Starfighter

Length: 72.178 ft
Width: TBA
Height: TBA

Crew: 2: 1 Pilot
Engines: 2 Quadex IGt Derivative engines
Speed: 21.5 MGLT/s
Armour: Body-conforming durasteel plating (approximately 46 RU)
Shielding: 80 SBD

  • 2 Quad Laser Cannons
  • Complement of up to 12 Sabotage drones

Cost: TBC
Affiliation: Republic (Employed mainly by JediMasterJL)

  • Space Superiority fighter


The StarViper Mk II is a refinement of the already versatile StarViper, enhancing an already capable fighter. It is employed in relatively small squadrons, mainly by Fleet Captain JediMasterJL, as a space superiority fighter. Its technological advantages often make up for the small numbers it is deployed in, making it a good option for smaller members of the Republic to use.


Like its predecessor, the Mk II has the capability to deploy sabotage drones to aid it in damaging enemy fighters and assault craft, and create attritional effect during battles. Though new counter-measures have been created for the original Pistoeka drones the StarViper, the Mark II has been upgraded to include the capacity to carry newer, more advanced Republic drones, though these are not always easy to supply due to their technological advancement and the cost of production. The space used to carry drones, however, may also be adapted to carry long range supplies or extra systems.

The StarViper Mk II retains the S-Foils of its predecessors, the Viper's flight plates retracting behind the cockpit for faster flight.

Improvements upon the Mark I

The Mark II has been improved in a variety of ways to create a basically upgraded fighter.

Its hull rating has increased from 35 to 46 RU, due to the Republic durasteel armour used in the production of the Mark II, making it significantly more resistant to damage, increasing its longevity in battle. Republic engineers have also fitted more up-to-date micro-shield generators, producing a higher 80 SBD (compared to 60 SBD on the Mk 1).

Its weapons capability has been effectively doubled, the twin double laser cannons replaced by twin quadruple laser cannons, at the same time more up-to-date targetting and weapon systems were fitted, in order to assure that the Mark II could remain in service for as long as appropriate.

The engines were replaced with a derivative from Prince Xizor's Verago's Quadex IGt engines, reverse engineered by the Republic for mass production to serve the Mark II, accommodating the extra weight and increasing its acceleration from 18 to 21.5 MGLT, whilst keeping the ship's manoeuvrability competetive with the latest designs.

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