UCF-01 Reliant Specs

Class: Starfighter

Length: 6 M
Width: 8 M
Height: 2M

Crew: 1 Pilot
Engines: 3, Thrust
Speed: 6,000 Kph
Armour: 2 inches durasteel
Shielding: Class 3

  • Lancer-class Laser (2)
  • Anti-Matter drivers (2)
  • AMSABM Missle (4)
  • AMLABM Missle (1)
  • AMLYACSM Missle (1)

Cost: N/A
Affiliation: United Colonies

  • Space Superiority fighter
the UCF-01 the first fighter model of the United Colonies replacing the aging Liberty fighter of the former Solar Empire. It has been succesful that United Colonies has yet find a need to look into a second desgin for it's forces.

UCF-01 General Attributes:

A fighter to fighter combat unit it can not stand aganist a Capital ship being armed with only Anti-Capital ship missle for extreme emergancies when bombers aren't aviable. It is a semi-mass production fighter and realtively cheap to produce with the UC's massive Anti-Matter program.

It is capable of atmospheric flight and combat as well as stellar travel, and can perform in atmospheric dogfights and ground support roles.


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