X302 Prototype

X302 Specs

Class: Starfighter

Length: 98.425 ft
Width: 246.063 ft
Height: 18.045 ft

Crew: 2: 1 Pilot, 1 Co-Pilot

  • 2x jet propulsion engines
  • 2x aerospike boosters
  • 1x rocket booster

Speed: Unknown
Armour: Unknown
Shielding: Unknown

  • Nose mounted railguns (2)
  • Wing mounted light/medium payload Missiles (4)

Cost: TBC
Affiliation: Republic

  • Interceptor
  • Fighter/Bomber


Though it did not have the technological advancement of many of its counterparts from the time, the 302 is nevertheless an extremely effective dual role starfighter, and after the Republic started to develop their own Milky-Way design starships this was one of the ships, along with others such as the Odyssey and Prometheus classes that came into use with the Republic.

Engines and Hyperdrive

The X302 mounted four standard engines, 2 standard jet propulsion engines for atmospheric super-sonic flight and two aerospike engines for stellar travel, using naquadriah for hyperspace. It also mounted a conventional fuel rocket booster for aid in escaping planetary gravity and for boosts in speed.

Though the aerospike engines were efficient sub-light engines, and the first hyperdrive invented by mankind, they could only make brief hyperspace jumps and so suffered from poor hyperspace capability, although the fact that it actually had it was a great achievement.

Armament and Battle performance

The X302's nose mounted railguns are efficient anti-fighter and ground suppression weapons, but ineffective against shielded capital ships and heavy armour.

The X302 was still, however, an effective fighter bomber because of its missile capability. It had two missile racks on each wing, which could be configured with AF missiles for greater space superiority, or light/medium HE missiles for assaults on capital ships, or a compromise between the two. This gave it firepower against a variety of enemies, including when in a ground support role when it could be reconfigured to carry conventional bombs.


The X302 was replaced quite quickly by the non-developmental F302, which had improved Aerospike engines for hyperdrive, and was not as limited as its predecessor, including the ability to carry slightly heavier Anti-Capital warheads, however it still served with merit against a number of enemy craft before the improvements were completed.

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